From our founding, we have known that to build anything extraordinary you need extraordinary materials. That means traveling with your eyes open and having a sense of what is unique, what is good and what is not, we call that thinking in stone. When you go into the world with this outlook, each quarry is story of the geology, the history and its place in the modern world.

With over two decades of experience in sourcing rare stones and Legacy Materials from places as diverse as Hunan, China to southern Spain, our dedicated sourcing managers have actually surveyed and opened new quarries to offer our clients unique one of a kind stone for their projects.

Our new office in Verona Italy, QuarryHouse Atelier Verona, is staffed by our stone master, Eugenio Arcangeli, sourcing stone and managing our projects being quarried and fabricated through out Europe.

For over seventeen years QuarryHouse has worked closely with our Chinese partners, Chen Ragen LLC, developing remote quarry operations, salvaging Antique Stone, and hand carving in locations throughout China.

We bring all of these talented people and resources to every project we undertake, that is “The Art of Legacy”