Eugenio Arcangeli

Manager of European Sourcing, QuarryHouse Atelier Verona

 Eugenio Arcangeli was, born into the stone industry, in Verona Italy. His family is deeply rooted in the stone industry back to his grandfather who quarried blocks of the Verona Rosso Marble with teams of oxen in the mountains above his parents home. He graduated as a Geometra, (a combination architecture/engineering degree), in Milan Italy. After obtaining his degree he worked and studied in the fields of stone technology, geology, construction and methodology of fabrication with stone. In addition he continued his studies in architecture and the history of stone masonry and construction with an emphasis in the stonework of the classical, medieval and renaissance periods.

Eugenio came to work for QuarryHouse in 2002 as a Project Manager, managing high-end projects from the quarry to the finished work. In 2006 Eugenio headed the project team to install a world class stone shop at QuarryHouse’s facilities in Richmond, CA.

In 2011 Eugenio returned to Verona, Italy to oversee the establishment of a satellite office, QuarryHouse Atelier Verona, sourcing rare stones and forging strong alliances with artisans and fabricators throughout Europe. He is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, coupled with a deep knowledge of the cultures where he works.